Our Team

Lizer Jozefovic, Operator & CEO

(1999 to present, experienced in LTC since 1993)

Mr. Jozefovic’s objective in the facilities he owns and operates has been focused on the development of geriatric nursing and sub-acute rehabilitation programs to ensure the fiscal health of these enterprises. Mr. Jozefovic is directly involved with all of the overall operations of the facilities and reviews all developmental efforts. This leadership practice and involvement ensures that each facility can assume their place, with financial confidence, on the cutting edge of health care.

Mark Neuman, CFO

(1999 to present, experienced in LTC since 1988)

Mr. Neuman’s objective in the facilities he owns and operates is to ensure the fiscal viability of each facility. This includes audits of receivables, payables, and payroll, working directly with outside Accounting Firms for each facility, and monitoring all banking transactions. Mr. Neuman’s fiscal leadership practice has assured continued growth and expansion while enabling quality care to the communities served.

Danielle Feminella, Vice President of Finance

(2003 to present, hired Skyview in 2001)

Ms. Feminella’s role includes the management of each Finance Office in day to day financial operations for all Nursing Home locations. The focus of this fiscal management includes, maintaining cash flow daily and make decisions on transfer and payments, preparing monthly journal entries for accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, resident funds and postings to general ledger. Responsibilities also include preparation of monthly financial statements for ownership, as well as monthly, quarterly reports for the banks. In addition, Ms. Feminella oversees statistical reports and audits for Medicare, Medicaid, and Department of Labor.

Sandra Mozdierz, Vice President of Business Development

(1999 to present, experienced in Health Care since 1991 and hired by Lizer Jozefovic, LNHA, in 1995)

Ms. Mozdierz’s objective in the company includes managing due diligence requirements in healthcare environment regarding labor law practices, workman’s compensation, and employee benefits; the research demographic data and strategies for recruitment of employees and resident census for current and new locations; interface with local planning, operating, finance, and legal organizations to meet requirements and create positive relationship with community and civic leaders; negotiate consultant contracts including legal counsel, architects, insurance contracts, (both employee and facility), and healthcare staffing agencies; and assist with any legal issues directly with retained legal counsel. Direct communication with each Administrator is utilized to facilitate good outcomes. In addition, assists in marketing strategies and assessment of community needs.

Joseph Pastore, Corporate Director of IT Services

(2008 to present, experienced in computer and telecommunications for more than 20 years)

Mr. Pastore has held a number of leadership positions working as an information systems manager, a consultant and a network system engineer. He did his undergraduate work at The College of Staten Island. He has held senior positions with JP Morgan Chase and ObserverTech. He brings his depth of experience, technical skills and management capabilities to his current position where he supports the administration and management operations.

Maria Pisano, Vice President of Admissions

(2005 to present, hired Waterview Hills and Salem Hills 2001)

Ms. Pisano’s objective is to develop a strong admissions team at each location – comprised of facility directors, coordinators, and nurse liaisons representing the facilities in local hospitals. Her responsibilities entail building a strong rapport between the hospitals and facilities, enhancing relationships with the local communities through outreach, and development of marketing strategies.

Miriam Mowshowitz, Corporate Admissions Coordinator

(2010 to present)

Ms. Mowshowitz is intent on assisting Ms. Pisano in sharing the dynamic Epic Healthcare approach with our family of rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. Working in tandem with the admissions team at each location, Ms. Mowshowitz helps them reach out to the local community and area hospitals – establishing successful relationships and a synergy between all.

Ari Kreisman, Director of Corporate Purchasing

(2014 to present)

Mr. Kreisman acts as liaison between Epic Healthcare Management, LLC, healthcare vendors and the centralized payables office. He seeks new and innovative products to assist in the care of the residents, consequently improving their quality of life. He secures the best pricing for the group of nursing homes on necessary supplies and services.