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Skyview Rehabilitation & Healthcare

“There is a movement to make nursing homes ‘like home’, but our patients/residents are smart. They know that ‘home’ is the place where they raised their children and that a nursing facility is not that place. However, everyone loves being in a hotel and that luxury hotel atmosphere is something that we at EPIC work hard to replicate.” – Lizer & Mark

Intrinsic to each facility in the EPIC portfolio are the words “Rehabilitation & Healthcare”, as our overriding goal is to rehabilitate patients and successfully return them to their lives. That is why you will find 10-15 therapists at each facility – an integral factor in assuring we provide aggressive, proactive, targeted therapy. However, not every patient is capable of returning home. For those who have come to reside permanently, we aim to create the best possible environment while optimizing their quality of life.

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